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The Dog Plush stuffed animal by Unipak

The Dog Plush stuffed animal by Unipak is a wonderful plush toy that is soft, cuddly, and huggable. Each stuffed dog measures 22 inches long and is made from polyester material and stuffed with PE pellets, which are safe and non-toxic. The Dog Plush is meant to be in a lying down position so it is great for snuggling or it can even be used as a soft, cushiony pillow. The stuffed animal is recommended for those over the age of three years old (due to its small button eyes) .dog-plush-for-sale

This incredibly cute Dog Plush item is great for just about any occasion.

  • A perfect gift for a child on their birthday
  • The child who is sick or in the hospital
  • A child who has just had a little brother or sister
  • The perfect gift from Santa
  • To say I miss you after a long trip

The great thing is you don’t need a special occasion to give one of these plush pups. They can be given just to say I love you or I am thinking of you!


Another great thing about this stuffed dog is that it may just get your child to bed on time. Giving this adorable, soft Dog Plush to your child just to use a bedtime may ensure that your little one gets right into bed. The stuffed dog is also great to take on a trip for your child to sit with in the car, rest against when tired, or just sit with while reading.

The Dog Plush – By Unipak meets all United States safety standards, is made from high quality material and the surface of the toy is durable and washable. What more could you ask for in such a cute stuffed toy any child would love? So, stop by today before they are sold out.

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