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The Best Bettor Of All Time

Just finished listening to a “60 Minutes” program about the most successful betting operator in Las Vegas. The best ever. Never had a loosing year in his business, the business of betting on sports games.An unbelievable success story. What struck me about the profile of this man was not the fabulous wealth or the tactics. It was this: He uses over 30 specialists to gather and interpret information for him. Real pros who understand everything about their particular area of expertise. Specialists about weather patterns and statisticians with all the information about the players , including histories, injuries, etc. 30 specialists!

It makes so much sense to operate this way. Probably the only way possible to gather and interpret enough information to create an edge in the betting game. Many of these smart guys have worked for him for 30 years. He knows them all but none of them know any of the others. Just him. A very reasonable and effective strategy to remain in control.

This story psyched me up to look for these opportunities.

In small ways most of us are already doing something similar. For example, I already have a warehouse expert, a website pro, and a person to handle tech for me. I could not operate without them. I will keep my eyes open for more ways to benefit from this powerful dynamic.