Alligetter Garbage Disposal Retrieval Grabber with LED Light – Lot of 24


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Product Description

How do you feel when you have to put your hand in the garbge disposal? With the new Alligetter you can reach down in the disposal and grab most anything without having to squeeze your hand down inside. This all puropose grabber comes with a LED light that is tip-mounted and is removable and includes a rear mounted switch to turn light on or off. It includes a flap spreader sleeve for easy access to the disposal blades. It fits easily in all hand sizes and is foldable for easy storage. It has a spring loaded trigger to make for easy grasping of an object. The Alligetter can also be used for many other things around the home including removing objects from the blender, removing objects between carseat and console, for removing objects between furniture, book cases, filing cabnets, etc. Product Features:-
  • No Need to Reach into Disposal
  • Easy to Use
  • Grabs Most Anything
  • Includes a Sleeve for Easy Acces to Disposal Blades
  • Works for Many Hard to Reach Places In and Out of the Kitchen


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