Starting Time Arm and Wrist Power Builder – Lot of 30.


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Endorsed by John Woolsey, World Champion Arm Wrestler! In all sports, forearm and wrist strength is the key to getting a strong and powerful release. Whether it is golf, tennis, baseball or any other sport, your forearms and wrists are the last groups of muscles responsible for developing head speed and power. Using the PowerBuilderTM daily will help to strengthen these muscles and deliver more power than ever before. The Arm n' Wrist PowerBuilderTM is also a very effective stretching and general resistance training tool. With our series of exercises, you will develop more strength and flexibility to excel in any sport you choose. - Exercises with the Power Builder will strengthen the most important muscles in sports! - Foam padded handles for a comfortable grip - 36" stretch rubber for optimal resistance - Provides a complete arm and wrist workout - Includes Exercise Booklet and Instructions!


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