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Four Ingredient Cookbook – Lot of 24.


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  • It's so easy, no one will believe that only four ingredients are all that's in it.
  • No more big messy cleanups to deal with, and  no more difficult recipes to follow and hope will turn out okay.
  • "Favorite Brand Name 4-Ingredient Recipes" is a powerful book that includes a huge collection of recipes designed to make your cooking and baking chores simple.
  • Try Onion-Baked Pork Chops, Banana Creme Parfaits, and much, much more for mouthwatering meals that will get you into and out of the kitchen in a flash, and leave your family and guests begging for more.
  • Spiral bound with 100 fast fix recipes.
  • Soft cover, full color photos, 160 pages.
Product Identifiers ISBN-10 : 1412726581 ISBN-13 :9781412726580 Key Details Format : Paperback Publication Date : 2007-07-15 Language : English Publisher : Publications International, Limited Target Audience Group : Trade Contributors Edited by : Publications International Staff


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