Floppets Charm Rings – Charmlets
Floppets Charm Rings – CharmletsFloppets Charm Rings – CharmletsFloppets Charm Rings – CharmletsFloppets Charm Rings – CharmletsFloppets Charm Rings – Charmlets

Floppets Charm Rings – Charmlets. Set of 12


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Product Description

They are wearable, connectable, collectable charms that "Go 'Wear' YOU Go"....stick them on your fingers, on your toes, or on your glasses above your nose! Each Floppet has a colorful, versatile and reversible Velcro tether so you can attach and detach them quickly and easily, and a mushroomed connector that lets you spin them to any orientation so they'll look fantastic no matter what you choose to show them off on. Each Floppet charm measures approximately 1 1/2" (some a bit larger, some a bit smaller), and the velcro bands measure 3" in length when opened fully. When worn, the soft, fuzzy side of the velcro is felt against the skin. Their patent pending system allows you to attach Floppets to virtually anything you wish to adorn: tennis shoes, flip flops, button holes, key rings, backpacks, purses, notebooks, pencils, watches, bracelets, lanyards, sun glasses, and so much more! You can even link Floppets together to create instant wrist bands, rings, anklets, chokers, and necklaces. There is no limit to the creative and unique ways for everyone to express themselves with Floppets. Each collector's set of 12 Floppets contains the following charmlets :
  • Cute Strawberry
  • Unicorn
  • Lucky Clover
  • Dragon Fly
  • Cool Sun
  • Ice Cream Cone
  • Frosty the Cupcake
  • Red Bow Skullet
  • Pastel Butterfly
  • Cherry the Cupcake
  • Cuppy the Cupcake
  • Sprinkles the Cupcake


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