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Fix with Mix Dispenser – Lot of 12.


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Product Description

Fix with Mix® sets a new standard for dispensers in holding a mix of sand and seed to use for repairing fairway divots. Made in the USA, it now combines ease in use and a moisture proof container to hold the proper amount of mix to use with ease on fairway divots. Fairway divots are especially troubling near the greens, where carts are generally not allowed. Taking the new Fix with Mix with the golfer walking to their ball is much more convenient and easier than the large white sand containers found on the motorized carts. The new hook, built into the back of the Fix with Mix holds the dispenser securely onto the lip of the player's bag or the cart basket, No metal clip is needed. Or it can fit easily into the cup holders by the driver as an extra convenience. Most clubs also have "cart path only" days that makes it even more difficult to carry a heavy dispenser from the cart path out to the location of the player's ball, which may be on the far side of the fairway! This problem quite often results in the player not being able or willing to fill his divots and the course suffers as a result. It works just as well on push carts, pull carts or hung from a players bag if they are carrying their bags. The clip will swivel to have it hanging properly The dispensers can be easily refilled at sand boxes often located on three par tee boxes, or at the cart cleaning area if they start to get low. Lots of people like to fill divots left by others and keep their course free of the divot problem. If the weather is rainy the waterproof cap can be snapped shut to keep the mix dry and not germinate if seed is included. Features - Injection molded plastic for rugged durability - Can be used with motorized cart beverage cup holders or clip - Perfect sand/seed dispenser for golfers who walk OR ride in a cart on the course - Lightweight for walkers with their own bags, pull, push or electric carts


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