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Fix Master Divot Repair Tool


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Product Description

Do your part in maintaining the putting green at your favorite golf course – repair your ball marks!  With Fix-Master™, it’s easy! If you play golf, it's a given fact that you're gonna create ball marks on the green - it’s part of the game. But, if you create ball marks, you should also repair them. Now, with Fix Master divot repair tool, that task couldn’t be any easier! Just jab and tap – and you’ll easily do your part in course management – one divot at a time!  This very handy Fix-Master divot repair tool securely attaches to the grip end of the putter, making ball mark repairs not only far better but much easier, and your tool will always be with you when you need it. Starting Time's Fix Master® receives GolfTest USA's Seal of Excellence, so you know it's a quality product. Its a must have item for any avid golfer, and makes an excellent gift idea or tournament prize.


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