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Product Photography Problem

Product photography. A problem that has been annoying me for years. Too expensive and inconvenient to hire a photographer so it is a big advantage to do it yourself. But how?The most professional looking photos need pretty advanced and expensive equipment, special lighting, flash , composition skills , some additional work in Photo Shop , and whatever else the pros do but won’t tell us.

My solution is the sun. Natural light, a table and a white cardboard background. Simple, not perfect but a good start and I am sticking to this solution. The bright sunlight is wonderful for showing an item clearly and in great detail. Important for giving the buyer an accurate idea of what the item is.

There is the added pleasure of working outside on beautiful sunny days.

Taking photos in house affords the advantage of saving time. You do it right away, when you want or need to, staying in the work flow and accomplishing more in a shorter period of time.

For those of us in the bargain, liquidation, “great deal” business we have an advantage. All we really need is a clear and accurate photo because it will be reasonably obvious to many of our customers that a special bargain is being presented.

I imagine it is harder when selling fully priced goods. The photo becomes more and more important the less attractive the deal. The best photo wins not the best deal.

In the closeout business this is one problem we don’t have. Whew!

PS We will continue to work on improving the photos, gradually acquiring some additional skills for composition, dealing with shadows , adjusting exposure, etc. But for now we have a workable solution that is cheap, fun, practical and immediate.

Sincerely, Tom David Lewis