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Procurement Service

When I started Closeout Services Corp. 20 years ago, I decided to include the word “Services” because I did not know how many different possible roads for new business were going to eventually present themselves. “Services” casts a wide net and turned out to be a pretty good choice.Closeout Services offers a closeout merchandise procurement

Closeout Services offers a closeout merchandise procurement service. Organizations looking to make a large purchase might want to take advantage of liquidation and closeout market. The savings are substantial. It is not easy finding great deals and not easy negotiating for them either. Everyone has access to the internet and can shop around easily but there are a few other advantages I add to help reduce the overall price, work, time and energy spent. A good understanding of general merchandise including relative and absolute values, based on 20 years in the business of bargains, is a big advantage and will add value. A system to negotiate wisely adds considerable savings to each purchase. Experienced and intuitive knowledge for locating certain kinds of merchandise, some of which may not be advertised will lead to further reductions in cost, accessibility and success.

We are open for business 365 days a year. All organizations, individuals, and corporations looking to spend wisely are welcome. Compensation will vary, depending on the work involved and the size of the deal but it will be only a fraction of the real value created for the buyer.

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