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Pallet Lots

We decided to list some pallet lots in our store They are packed with larger quantities of a particular item so the shipping cost will be as low as possible. Prices are lower too. We are gearing this offering for anyone who can take advantage but especially towards ‘s NGO’s since they have ongoing needs for merchandise and are, understandably, very concerned about price.

We cater to this market segment and make every attempt to accommodate. Lower liquidation prices, free storage for any order that is placed and paid for but can’t be shipped immediately, quick shipment if necessary, good customer service, samples if needed. Practically anything to help get the job done simply, quickly and economically.

Our inventory consists of 100’s of different items( liquidation deals only-nothing with ordinary pricing). We have more than 1000 pallets of special deals available at all times so we will gladly make up custom pallets if requested.

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