Posted on up and running. Now what? is all set up and ready for orders. Now the fun begins. Or does it? How the dickens do we get some traffic? 100% confident that our closeout deals are among the best around it should be a reasonably manageable job to show the online world what we have and to deal with the responses. Either by thankfully accepting and fulfilling the orders or by learning something new from the feedback headed our way.

Next up will be to work on SEO by bootstrapping our way. Emailing, calling( we still use the phone) and gently letting the word out in any legal way possible. Not sure if we should tackle this job in house or if outsourcing to a pro is the way to go. For the moment leaning towards the former to see what happens. It’s cheaper and otherwise how would we ever know?

PS I Have a few bids out for some large premium liquidations deals( involving 100’s of thousands of units) but no deals made yet. Working on another deal for an item called Store’Em. Have not heard back but I made a firm bid to buy the goods. Sometimes these liquidation deals take a fair bit of time and many times they just fall through. Either way we carry on with our mission to keep our warehouse full of bargains. Typically about 1000 pallets are available on any given day. We started with 2 pallets as a test to see if Richland Warehousing in Mansfield , Ohio was the place for us. It has been our home for 15 years. We were lucky to find them. Whew!