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Bee plush soft and lovable toy

Bee Plush is a soft and lovable creation capitalizing on the decades of merchant marketing demands of cute and adorable sells, sells, sells. Did the Teddy Bear kick off the fascination with marketing plush toys?Plush toys are a marketing marvel and select characters are giant successes in market places for a season while others continue for generation after generation of marketing sales.

bee-plush (1) What plush psychological whimsy is at work within our minds that trigger adoration for replicated toys in many shapes and sizes of nature’s handiwork? There are a few recognizable emotional triggers being perpetrated in a stuffed likeness of a reproduced image.

On an inner emotion, colors and designs that are pleasing to a majority became evident in the early stages of creating toys. A book, an event, a story, a movie or a TV character that we saw from our youngest memories had an impact. Disney was and is a huge innovator in character popularity based on research long before making it to their artist’s drawing boards.

Mice can be made to look and act cute in plush but in real life they are rodents, a Bee that has a sting associated with its image can be made into a hero, a hopping frog will make marketers green with envy. Did this happen by chance or is it the same underlying research that political parties use to adjust thoughts towards a winning candidate or wish they could?

Recognition Impulse buying is another attractor that will sell one item 10 to 1 over a similar item displayed next to it. When it comes to product or company image branding, giving away a useful item that has keep-ability to it gives a client more cpv’s (cost per views) which translates into its success in promoting.


The Advertising Specialty or Promotional Marketing gidgets and gadgets that will stay in view are more in demand than those items such as pens that end up in a desk drawer, out of view. If an item costs one dollar and its perceived value is low then that item ends up in a drawer or thrown out. An item with a higher perceived value will get dozens or hundreds of views and that means the message tagged or imprinted on it will be fractions of a penny for each view.

If your product or message is easily coupled with a recognizable plush item, you will get double or triple whammy out of your selection. An example would be a Plush Bee for The Bee Pollen Farms Company or The Bee Line Fashions Emporium or a slogan such as you call us and we will Bee right there or Keep your business buzzing or Bumble Bee Cleaners. Go ahead, experiment, rush to plush.