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A wide variety

A very wide variety of customers have found our special offerings helpful for one reason or another. I was thinking about how to find new customers and realized that the variety we already have is surprisingly broad: A Municipality in Florida, non profit organizations all over the USA ,a University in NY, schools in several states,Daily Deal Sites, Off Price retailers, As seen on TV sales organizations, Promotional Products outlets, realtors and insurance customers looking for giveaway products, Hospitals in need of presents for patients, furniture stores looking to give a gift with purchase, Ebay resellers, University campus stores , inventors and artists looking for inexpensive parts, religious groups and clubs looking for special deals to help with fundraising activities, amusement companies in need of game prizes , cosmetic companies in search of inexpensive packaging options, magicians in need of merchandise to help create new tricks, summer camps, carnival and amusement suppliers, sports teams, novelty wholesalers, dollar stores , crane operators, the military, student supply stores, NGO’s, mail order catalogs, drugstores, clubs, stock brokers, merchandise collectors, Radio stations, Mardi Gras Parade organizers, auctioneers…….. You get the idea.