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A perfect fit

The promotional products industry is a good partner for our particularly unique liquidation business model. Unlike most other closeout companies, we focus primarily on value, less on pace caging. We like all kinds of merchandise that will be uninteresting to other liquidators primarily focused on a retail customer base. We focus differently.

We have the flexibility to absorb a wide variety of items in bulk, regardless of packaging. Just what the doctor ordered for the ad specialty promotional products Suppliers.

These premium Suppliers (manufacturers) are constantly releasing a huge variety of new , interesting and practical products. Big, wealthy corporations are the perfect customer. They take advantage of all the wonderful promo items, advertising their logos while giving the product to current customers and potential customers.

We are available to buy most of the items when they are gradually fading from the cutting edge. At a lower price these items can have a new life. They are still very useful, attractive and perfect for a different customer base. Our customer base.

A perfect fit. The suppliers get out from under the older stuff and we allow our customers some newer attractive deals.

Sincerely, Tom David Lewis